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Are you in need of a new home for your digital real-estate?  

For any number of reasons, you can find yourself adrift with no place to call home, it could be that your current digital agency has decided that the services they did provide are no longer part of their strategic plans, and they are helping you to rehome, it could be you have had frustrating support, hosting issues and you are looking to move to a new provider, or maybe the worse has happened and your current provider is in the process of closing with limited notice. 

Whatever the reason, and no matter how much we hope it will not happen, these situations do occur, and this is why Boxharry offer a comprehensive Website rehoming service. 

Boxharry has helped numerous companies over the years navigate this potential business critical situation from the small brochure site that only needs hosting support, to large corporate properties that have needed dedicated 24/7 care to not only maintain a highly valuable online presence, but to also facilitate future development of the rescued product. 

We believe that by providing the following we help alleviate pressure, stress, and instill a calm that is not only beneficial to our clients' relationship but is probably of health benefits too, we can all do with less stress! 


  • Clear and precise costs: Probably the least favorite part of the whole process, but if you do not have a clear understanding of costs, how can you know if Boxharry are the correct partner for you.  
  • Initial chat with one of our senior technologists: It is most important that we understand your needs as soon as possible, sometimes we must move fast in order to help you prevent loss of an online presence, this initial chat will help Boxharry to understand exactly what initial level of support needs to be offered.   
  • Clean communications: To complete a rescue, clean lines of communications need to be made between all parties involved, Boxharry has a great team of talented people that will make all necessary communications on your behalf, be this with your current providers or any other third-party providers that need to be updated with any changes to your digital product.  
  • The rescue: Most people will consider this the hardest part of the process, personally so long as all communications above have been clear and honest then this part of the process can sometimes be underwhelming to the non-technical and so it should to you. At the end of the day as a client you should not need to worry if the server your site is on can cope with spikes in traffic, or if your applications email sending will continue to work, this is why you have come to Boxharry in the first place. All you need to know is that your site has a new home with new support and a brighter outlook.   
  • Post rescue: Of course, as with any digital real-estate there should always be evolution of a product, and Boxharry will be more than willing to help. Once the dust has settled and we have all had a cup of tea, we can start talking about moving your product on to the next level, this may be as simple as making some SEO changes to a brochure website site, or as complex as rebuilding an entire Data management system we just rescued that was running off of a 2003 version of Access.db (I am not joking we have worked with systems like this).

Whatever your next steps are, Boxharry are here to help make them happen. 

Contact us today if you need our Website Rescue services.


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