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"The best websites are the ones that look AMAZING, right?"

Wrong! The best websites are engaging ones that users can find easily, navigate simply and use effectively. If your site looks amazing, too, GREAT. You’re good to go.

But only if everything has been thoroughly checked first…

It’s all in the detail

Navigating the online ‘ocean’ successfully means plotting the right course: a true course to where you really want to go. But don’t even set sail unless your website’s, well, 100 per cent shipshape!

If your site isn’t built perfectly, there’s a real risk that it might simply sink soon after launching, along with your hopes and dreams, your world-conquering vision… Best to get it checked thoroughly before the big launch date.

Let Boxharry help you realise your hopes and dreams…

…when it comes to taking the Internet by storm. These days, there are myriad ways to promote your business effectively online, but, first thing’s first, you need a superb website, the right website, a website that WORKS — one that’s not only easy on the eye but also: 

  • Easily findable online
  • Simple to navigate
  • User-friendly and engaging
  • Appealing for all potential users
  • Expertly integrated into the right back-office systems
  • Hand-held device-friendly


  • Ready in time to hit your ‘go live’ deadline 

In short, a Boxharry-built bespoke website is what you need — one that meets all criteria yet without breaking the bank.

Come and get it

We create innovative custom-built sites all the time. What can we build for you? Describe your ideal website to us, and our enthusiastic team has the expertise and experience to make it happen. But don’t fret that we might kind of overbearingly take over, creating the site we want you to have rather than the one you’ve long-been picturing in your wildest dreams. That’s just not the Boxharry way.


Website build, integration development, technical support…

You’ll be involved throughout, consulted and listened to during a phased process prior to the big launch date and afterwards. We won’t build your site, unveil it to the world, invoice you, then scarper. Promise! Our support is second-to-none, and – thanks to our range of web-related services, designed to take the strain out of maintaining a strong Internet presence – there’s loads we can do for you over the years ahead in terms of web development, web marketing, keeping your site current as online trends inevitably change… 

Let’s have fun, on a shared voyage towards site-build success!

Through a series of workshops and documentation – and while always adopting a jargon-free approach – we’ll work with you on user journey strategy and implementation, structure and architecture development, content strategy development and design. Basically, the LOT.


With this phased process completed, we’ll build your website. Then the real fun starts: plugging your site into back-office systems (integrate your CRM with your website), creating time-saving gadgets and tools, sprinkling on website creation ‘magic dust’ here and there, and – critically – making sure Internet users can find your stunning new website quickly, and enjoy using it effectively and with utter ease.

 So, without further ado…

let's build!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and support ... particularly with the recent redesign of our website. Your hard work and dedication to the project ensured we hit our launch deadline and you have created a website that not only looks amazing, but is engaging for all users, whether families, supporters, staff or volunteers.

Tessa Youens — ellenor

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