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Recruitment is the bedrock of every successful company. We can help ensure you find first-rate people by creating sites and applications that ask the right questions and gather every essential piece of information.

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Great recruitment tools

How does that proverb go? “A good workman is known by his tools...” We agree! In the super-competitive market of recruitment and HR, to win the business you have to work hard. We’ve developed industry-leading tools like Recruit.Agent—a web application featuring job search and application, CV management, job alerts and more—that maximise your efforts every day.

Fully customisable applications

We know that all recruitment businesses strive to create and maintain a unique service for their clients and any solution will need to reflect that individuality. That’s why we build each application (app) to be completely customisable. If there is something that your business needs—a timesheet calculator or interactive map, perhaps—and you think it would look great on your website, let us know. Our developers will take your idea and make it work on your website and improve your business.

Some apps to consider:

  • Recruit.Agent candidate portal
  • Timesheet calculator
  • Interactive map
  • Clickable ticker tape of featured jobs / news stories
  • Interactive poll
  • Feedback tab

Integrated systems

Having the right systems in place to maximise client engagement, talent acquisition and customer data management are all crucial to business productivity. Whether that’s from integrated CRMs (e.g. Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics), candidate engagement portals, job board posting (using Broadbean or Logic Melon, for instance) or big data management, you are not alone in trying to streamline your processes.

13 years of recruitment experience

We have over 13 years of experience innovating web applications for the recruitment and HR industry. In that time we've become very good at listening to our clients' needs and building upon solid ideas to create awesome technology to plug into websites.


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boxharry  @boxharry Jan 09

case study



Name of company:
PIE Recruitment.

Name and position:
Sarah Wixon, Operations Director.

Boxharry brief:
To take the branding and design ideas produced by our creative agency and use them to create a visually impactful web app utilising cutting edge technology. The site needed to be multi platform to respond to the increasing demand for mobile apps across the recruitment industry and provide a great user experience regardless. It also needed to integrate with other technologies we use such as job posting.

What Boxharry did:
Boxharry provided a clear routemap and breakdown for the development of the site with a staged payment plan and key dates for the building of various stages. A holding page was put into place while the actual site was constructed and weekly calls and updates meant that the whole process ran very smoothly. At every stage we were given the opportunity view the site developments and give feedback – often meaning that we changed/moved the goalposts and Boxharry were very accommodating of our requirements! During the final testing phase where numerous changes and additions were made in a short space of time, Boxharry’s technical team unfailing implemented the changes we requested, a process which ran very effectively through the portal they provided us with access to. Although the site took slightly longer than anticipated, this was almost entirely down to delays at our end with copy etc!

Why you chose Boxharry:
Technologically seemed brilliant, seemed to get what we were looking to achieve. Also cost effective bearing in mind our position as a start-up business and the many costs that involves!

Your experience of dealing with Boxharry:
We’ve been really lucky to have found a web development team that have been so proactive with us. They were full of ideas and the PIE Portal they developed for us is completely different to anything else in the market, giving us and our brand a very clear distinction. All the team at Boxharry were a pleasure to deal with and have been unfailingly helpful and understanding as well as championing our site.

Would you use them again:
We’re delighted that we’ll be in a long-term partnership with Boxharry and would have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospective client.