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“He who hath no charity deserves no mercy!”
Old English proverb


Blimey. That’s a bit strong, isn’t it?

Consider this…

In a challenging financial climate, most of us are having to watch the pennies, aren’t we? 

When it comes to donating to charitable causes, we’d love to do more if we could, but what about housing costs, escalating food prices, petrol, the gas bill, water bill, electric bill, phone bill, broadband bill, Buffalo Bill (sorry, we just kinda threw that last one in!) and numerous other direct debits coming out of the bank each month?  

Crikey. With all that, it’s a wonder there’s any cash left to buy some stamps at the end of the month, let alone post off a cheque to a charity. Yet, somehow, many of us still donate.

A charity website, Boxharry-style. THAT’S how to raise donations.

It’s true. Millions of us do our best to help large non-profits and individual fundraisers each year. Research shows that we’re much more inclined to do so if donating is a quick, secure and hassle-free process online. Sure, cash and direct debit payments may outstrip donations made through online portals, but research suggests that the popularity of donating online is unquestionably on the rise.

Successful charities are those that know who their donors are, where to find them, and how to best motivate them to part with their hard-earned £££. They also make donating easy, with having a user-friendly website (with integrated payment-taking) being the best way to do that — a Boxharry-created and launched charity website, to be precise; one that offers an interactive and simple user journey (and all this subtle web wizardry coming at a price that won’t eat too much into a charity’s budget).

Enormously proud to be involved

All year round, UK charities carry out fantastic fundraising work, despite being under constant (and what must often feel like unbearable) pressure. That’s why the small and experienced Boxharry team is proud to have worked with some of the best charities in the country — dedicated organisations that not only change and improve lives, but often save them.


Making donating convenient, by utilising modern technology

Boxharry understands the diverse and sensitive audiences that our charity clients work with. That’s why we strive to create an audience-appropriate, positive and productive user journey across our websites — making 100 per cent sure that users get the information they need, and providing them with fast and easy ways to donate, whether at their computers or on their phones or tablets. After all, we’re all accessing the Internet whilst on the go these days, aren’t we?

Boxharry. Always at your side.

Excellent technical support aftercare, for your PEACE OF MIND

If you’re a charity seeking website expertise, you’ve now arrived at exactly where you need to be. Let the friendly Boxharry team help your search engine optimised website to shine, just like you do. We’ll not only expertly build it, we’ll help you to maintain it (adopting a jargon-free approach), keeping you current, ensuring that you always remain out there in front in the race to maximise profile and raise those all-important donations.

let's build!

Let Boxharry show you how to increase charity donations through your website! #CharityWebsite #Donations

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case study



The Disabilities Trust | LOGO.

Name of company:
The Disabilities Trust

Boxharry brief:
Enhance our website to make it more flexible, responsive and mobile-first, as well as give the overall design a bit of a ‘facelift’ to make it look fresher and more contemporary.

What Boxharry did:
The team did a fantastic job of ‘bootstrapping’ our company website. They worked closely with us throughout the whole process, from recommending design templates for us to consider and explaining which associated elements would best suit our needs, to giving us plenty of time and support to test the new site via the staging server and training us up to use the new customisable elements after the new look went live. All this plus the project was delivered on time and on budget! We’re thrilled with the result, and the new advanced features mean we have extra functionality to use in the future so we can continue to optimise the site ourselves.

Why you chose Boxharry:
Professionalism, quality of work, collaborative approach and great customer service.

Would you use them again:
Yes, without a doubt.

case study



Scouts: Be prepared logo.

Name of company:
The Scout Association.

Boxharry brief:
We needed a website where Scout leaders could find information about sites used by other Scout leaders, which would enable them to make informed choices when organising a trip abroad.

What Boxharry did:
Boxharry built a website that enabled leaders to search venues in each country. It also enabled them to add comments about existing campsites, as well as add new sites and reviews.

Why you chose Boxharry:
We needed a company with the expertise to deliver quickly that had high standards in design and functionality. They were also able to translate our business requirements into new, innovative ideas. Boxharry has always been able to deliver on time, exceeding all expectations.

Your experience of dealing with Boxharry:
It has always been a pleasure to work with the Boxharry team.

Would you use them again:
Due to centralisation, not at the moment, but we will when we are no longer able to deliver on time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them at all times.