Charities are an essential part of the business mix, carrying out fantastic fundraising work, often in a tricky financial climate. This is why we are so proud to have worked with some of the best.

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When St Wilfrid’s approached us to work on a new company website, we nearly bit their hand off. They wanted a welcoming, brand new, easy to navigate website that was totally unique with a modern look and feel.

Our developers came up with an interactive site that enabled online donations and purchases, e-newsletter sign-up and combined YouTube and Twitter integration. It also featured news, a shop locator via Google Maps, image galleries and online lottery entry and verification.


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The Boxharry team are making the most of one of our favourite days! #TakeYourDogToWorkDay #BringYourDogToWork

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case study



Name of company:
The Scout Association.

Name and position:
Dimitri van Kakum, Head of Business Systems.

Boxharry brief:
We needed a website where Scout leaders could find information about sites used by other Scout leaders, which would enable them to make informed choices when organising a trip abroad.

What Boxharry did:
Boxharry built a website that enabled leaders to search venues in each country. It also enabled them to add comments about existing campsites, as well as add new sites and reviews.

Why you chose Boxharry:
We needed a company with the expertise to deliver quickly that had high standards in design and functionality. They were also able to translate our business requirements into new, innovative ideas. Boxharry has always been able to deliver on time, exceeding all expectations.

Your experience of dealing with Boxharry:
It has always been a pleasure to work with the Boxharry team.

Would you use them again:
Due to centralisation, not at the moment, but we will when we are no longer able to deliver on time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them at all times.