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Finding and retaining candidates and potential talent is a valuable part of any recruitment business model, and it's sound reasoning to assume that they're going to stick around if they're treated well. An easy-to-use candidate portal provides great self-service tools for job seekers and helps cut down internal administrative tasks such as CV management.

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Great features


Each candidate portal comes complete with a set of the most popular recruitment features including, job search, job applications, CV management, favourite jobs, job seeking dashboard and profile management.

More available features...

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Job alerts
Once a candidate completes their profile the system will automatically detect suitable jobs and email them.

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Apply with Social Media
Some candidates prefer the ease and speed of being able to use their favourite social media platform to apply for jobs within the portal.

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Online time sheet calculators
Workers can use their mobile phone to quickly add hours online, which will automatically send them through for authorisation.

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Availability management
Staffing and contract workers can easily manage the time when they are available for work using the portal's online calculator.


A fully integrated portal provides a powerful self-serve channel that allows users to create and manage their data directly into your back office applications. The candidate portal integrates with a wide-range of third party systems, including CRM, payroll and time sheets - in fact, any system with a decent API. 

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Profile data and compliance documents

Candidates can add and change their profile data whenever they need to, and the updates get sent straight through to a back-office CRM, where it is subject to any data protection processes which are already in place.

 Additionally, each candidate can post multiple compliance documents, such as IDs, qualifications and certifications, ensuring recruiters have all the information they need at their finger tips.

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