Consumer products

Whatever product you’re looking to promote or sell, we can assist and advise. Whether you want us to build you an all-singing, all-dancing e-commerce site or simply assign users an online account, make sure you talk to us before you start planning.

Sparesmaster asked us to design a new website as well as a new site structure and key promotional tools. We came up with a number of creative solutions.

Featured product panes set standout products apart from others on the site. Customers were also able to browse a large range of products by using a bespoke dynamic search function, whilst having access to their very own online account and secure purchase facility.

Case study
BEAR nibbles
Bear Nibbles logo
Name of company:
BEAR nibbles
Name and position:
Emma Hines, Head of Marketing.
Boxharry brief:
It was time to give our website a bit of a spruce up. We wanted it to be much easier to navigate and have a content management system that allowed up-to-date, more exciting information for our consumers, and for it to really bring the brand to life.
What Boxharry did:
The impossible … They delivered a website that we absolutely loved in three and a half weeks. They worked their socks off and put so much love, care and attention into what they did. To work with an agency who cared about our site as much as we did was wonderful.
Why you chose Boxharry:
Our designer had worked with them before and rated them very highly. We met with the team and instantly liked them. They were incredibly honest, pragmatic and passionate. They didn’t over-promise, but in the end they completely over-delivered.
Your experience of dealing with Boxharry:
Boxharry is an amazing agency. They hire brilliant, collaborative people who work so hard to understand what you need and make it come alive. They have a perfect blend of really great project managers and strong team players, as well as incredibly strong digital knowledge and creativity.
Would you use them again:
Absolutely. And I’d really recommend that you do too.